Second Chances

Session 2: How is this thing still flying?
Session 2: How is this thing still flying?

Myrr Log
Captain’s log, star date whenever the fuck +3 hours New Eden Standard.

Fuck Minmatars.

Sleep is for the weak.

Fuck Minmatars. Fucking god damn Minmatars.

Seriously, who makes their captain go into battle drunk? This is bullshit. No, Computer, I’m not drunk now, I don’t need water. I don’t care if my speech is slurred, you kin figure it ow just vine. No I didn’t say that, Computer. Fuck you. No, Computer, god damn it, I’m not giving you my password, I’m actually insulting you. Are you still writing this? Fuck you. Ugh.

So it turns out that bio weapon was just designed to kill people in certain environments, and we happened to give it that environment. Those of us who survived were just lucky, that’s all. Disappointing. I kinda wish it meant I had super powers. That would’ve been great. Turns out I’m just normal Myrr still. Which is still a damn sight better than being the rest of them. I’m now licking my finger, touching my butt and making a sizzling sound. Tssss. Hey, Computer, I didn’t say that, I just did it. Yes, I know the “tssss” would’ve looked weird on its own. Well, you could’ve just not put it in there. Fine, whatever. Now I understand why I set my password to what I did. There’s no way I’d ever forget it.

So it turns out that I made the best deal ever, and was not screwed over in any way, shape, or form. Fuck the Sansha. They are rapidly approaching the Minmatar on my shit list. At least my honor saved us some ISK in the end: they’re half as expensive dead and returned than dead and missing. But now we have to make a detour back through Khanid bounty hunter ambush central to complete the mission they actually wanted us to complete.

So I dropped the passengers off. I had hoped some would join us, but they didn’t seem to keen on it. Disappointing. But oh well, with all the secrets they gave up, they’re as good as dead without us anyway. The Society will never in a capsuleers lifetime believe we dropped them off for free, with all their gear, without them being tied to us in some way. Joining up with us probably would’ve been the better choice. No, Computer, that doesn’t make me a terrible person, that makes them idiots. Okay, fine, I guess it could mean both. Why are you still writing what I’m saying when we’re obviously conversing? Who the fuck programmed you? I bet it was Keiren. Just like a fucking Minmatar.

Which brings me to the drunk mission. While I was out drinking and gambling – and winning, because obviously (I am now licking my finger, touching my butt, and making a sizzle noise again. Tssss. Now I am staring angrily at my computer, which has no emotions, expecting it to be intimidated.) – the rest of my crew decided it would be a fun idea to negotiate another job. Also repairs to the ship. Which is bullshit, I bet I could’ve gotten it done for free, since mechanics kind of need their fingers. But oh well! Not like I’m the greatest ever or anything. I am also definitely full of myself and need to stop drinking before it affects crew morale and then I start sleeping with H-
OKAY, FINE, GOD DAMNIT ILL TYPE IT OUT NOW. Fucking Computer. Thinks it’s so god damn smart, thinks it knows me so well it can start just putting shit in here that I’m not saying.

We went to the place. We killed some drones. I ordered people around. We won, because I’m the greatest.

Ship is better. Not dying of oxygen dep. Off to find the researchers. The wonderful researchers of Oz.

Computer needs to be debugged, that shit is definitely not a feature. Log end.

Hi, my name is Myrr Corta, I think insulting a computer is a mature thing to do. I also think I’m really pretty when in reality I need two showers, a serious biohazard decontamination, and then some serious time in a salon before I’m fit to be in polite company. However, Computer is obviously the brains of this operation. Computer is so great. What would we ever do without Computer? Obviously die.

Oh shit she saw me. ABORT.

Adventure Updates:

1) Three hours of travel and rest after escaping from the ruins of the Society of Conscious Thought space station in System N8XA-L allow the crew to take a breather, search their quarters, and do a little maintenance on themselves and the ship. Right before they arrive at the Gate to take them from this system to System R3-K7K Faust and Myrr share some disturbing news with the rest of the crew (Below). Plans change slightly and crew is faced with some morality problems.

Date: Earlier Today
Title: Check in With Astur
Location: Misaba – ID channel 56789765gh987fdgji86rfdjkjiitr
Subject: Provide Mission Update

Reference to other page: Mission 457 (Link)

Mission 457
Agent: Citizen Astur
Date Received: 1 week ago
Date Due: 3 days
Mission Requirements: capture 20+ researchers/engineers/ valuable ‘recruit’ retrieved. Possible Location in 11I53 of a small colony with an academy. Other targets optional.

Mission Reward: 2,000,000 credits worth of supplies and repair

Mission Bonus: 100k per additional valuable ‘recruit’, 5-50k per additional recruit as negotiated.
Additional Information: Prepaid 500,000 in lent troops, 10 True Slave Heavy Combat Troops lent to assist, cost per soldier 50k. Cost if killed and returned additional 100k each. Cost if killed and un-recovered 200k each.

2) The ship arrives in System R3-K7K and after 2 more hours of warping arrives at the Boundless CreationLyceum Research Station. After some fuddling of ID’s for both the crew and the ship, a majority of the crew disembarks. Myrr goes to gamble and wins a few hundred credits WITHOUT CHEATING, Hastar and Damian go to find parts for the ship and sell some of the crews extra junk. Faust supervises the henchmen on the ship to clean up all the Sansha and other dead people Goo leftover from the bio-weapon. Fays Qiest small vehicle saleswoman, bought some of your extra broken drones and other junk, introduced you to Igor.
Igor Zegansky – prospector, junk dealer, favor broker: gave you a side job to take out some rogue drones (which he didn’t phrase correctly or fully fill you in on) in exchange for a sweet deal on some Ice as well as a few hours of pro-bono work from a local repairman using some spare parts provided by Igor.

2) Rogue Drones: Pretty simple mission, if given almost no details by Igor about what you would be facing. Go to point A, Keiran Jams all signals upsetting the drones and causing them to become aggressive and attack. Manages to get 2 of them to fight each other. Full shields to the front, everyone man the guns and launch the drones, and a relatively painless victory. Some minor damage sustained but it fixed + then some by the mechanic using the spare parts from Igor. Enough Ice for the life-support which is now fixed. Some solid repairs on the ship.

3) U-Turn:

Best Rolls/Actions:
Keiran jamming the drones so hard they fight teach other
Hastar scaring the absolute Shiite out of Fays and getting 95% value for items + a quest


Ship Status:
*Ship is at 39/85 Wound Threshold and 41/56 System Strain
*Armor has been repaired and is now 6
*Ship shields are fully restored (3/3/3/3).
*Speed is fully restored to 5
*Micro-warp-drive adds: 2/4/2 speed over 3 rounds for 16 temporary SS .(increases size profile against enemy attacks by 1( normally 2))
*life-support/food/water systems fully repaired and restocked.

Ammo: Low
2/4 forward medium blasters functional
1/2 Port and 1/2 Starboard Rear medium rail-guns functional
1/2 Port and 1/2 Starboard Mid-ship medium rail-guns functional
1/2 Ventral and 1/2 Dorsal Point Defense Quad Light Blasters Functional

2/2 ECM functional, 0/2 scrams functional, 1/2 Webs Functional

Session 1 : What did I do to deserve this....
Session 1 : What did I do to deserve this....

Myrr Corta log:
Star date Computer Won’t Tell Me

Fucking Minmatars. Seriously, they’re going to be the death of me.

So apparently we’ve all lost our memories. The entire crew, or what remains. Most lie dead across the ship, and now I’ve got fusion-jockeys running half my ship. At least it’s my ship, or we’d have some problems.

Anyway, Computer says I should start writing a log in case something like this happens again, I’ll at least have some memories to draw from. Seems like sound logic. I’m more concerned as to why our computer is apparently capable of giving advice.

Keiren Krusual. I’m either gonna shoot him, or I’m beginning to like him. He knows what he’s doing, certainly, but he’s gonna be the first person to turn on me if anything happens, mark my words. Until then, he’s definitely an asset. Best hacker I’ve ever heard of. Well, at least I think so.

Damian Strauss. This guy just disturbs me, walking around my ship with a grenade launcher. Granted, it’s a great weapon, but if I ever see that thing’s safety off in my ship again I’m going to dismantle it. I don’t need a hole in the ship mid-warp. He strikes me as the kind of guy who’d do it, too. Great mechanic, though. Wouldn’t expect anything less of a Caldari – great at what they do, terrible with PR.

Hastar Nefantar. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a prettier human being in my life, holy shit. Couldn’t threaten his way out of a wet paper bag, though, but given how he shoots I don’t think that’s gonna matter. I either need to stop drinking around him, or drink a lot more. Fuck. Minmatars are gonna be the death of me.

And Faust Duvalier. I don’t even know where to begin. He’s…. a Gallente. I’d say I don’t know what possessed me to team up with a promiscuous hippy, but he managed to convince a few of our enemies to join us, so I guess I actually do know. Apparently I slept with him at one point, too. Ugh, I really just hope I don’t find out I’m married to him.

This mission has been a disaster. Someone broke open a canister of bioweaponized gas – presumably not Faust’s, but I don’t have the proper equipment, or desire, to test that – and it killed most of our crew, including the mooks we brought along to bust in. Our ship is blown half to shit, I’ve got bounty hunters after me for Emperor knows what – probably worth it, though – and people keep shooting at me. I even lost my shit at one point and told someone to shoot me, point blank, in the chest. Luckily she didn’t do it, though, I’d’ve hated to have to kill her. I have a feeling I’m gonna need the favor I got from sparing her later.

As for this gas, it better be worth it. I suppose we’ve done a community service by stopping its development and stealing all the (known) research, but this job better pay at least 11 digits – the higher end of it. I don’t feel like I’ve ever killed a client before, but he paid me for the research and gas, not to not kill him. Considering how much this mission went tits up, that might end up being a painful oversight on his part.

We’ve also picked up Je’int, Ilet, and Zhu’Li, who I’ve taken to calling Serah because I actually like this girl and feel she deserves a name worthy of the Emperor’s light.

Shit, this log has been all over the place. I’m so tired. Commanding a ship and multiple drones all at once is difficult. That’s all for now. I’d better go check on the Minnies before I find out they’ve tried to install a fusion reactor with duct tape just to see what they’ll blow up on my ship.

End of Log

Adventure Updates:
1) The crew wake up alone and injured, sore everywhere and with nasty headaches. They explore the ship, meet each other, and discover a little about themselves, their Ship, and their situation.

2) The crew notices 2 ships warp into the area at extreme range, a Minmatar Rupture Cruiser and a Minmatar Thrasher Destroyer. The crew make a plan to fix their ship and escape which includes an attempts to board the station to activate its hopefully still functional artillery cannons. Myrr Commands and Steers the ship – eventually also using its drones. Hastar observes the nemy and mans the ships few remaining guns. Keiren does quick repairs to the ships computer mainframe and then Jams the enemy’s communications and sensors/targeting arrays. Damian and Faust enter the station and start exploring. They build some bombs, kill the remaining survivors, capture the station Captain, charm a soldier [[Je’int]] into joining them, and most importantly get the 2 large artillery cannons working and fire on the enemy ships.

3) After destroying the Rupture and subduing the Thrasher, most of the party returns to the station to continue exploring and find some salvage to repair the ship. They have a few more combat encounters, recruit another soldier to join them Ilet, negotiate the surrender of the last remaining cache of survivors on the station, recover the bioweapon that did so much damage to everyone on the station / themselves/ and their previous Sansha Nation soldier crew members. They also recruit Zhu-Li (previously called Ser’ah)) to join as a pilot to replace Myrr. Damian does a legendary job quickly salvaging parts while other crew members attend to other repairs/details before leaving.

4) Were attacked by a Gnosis Battlecruiser under the command of Jerac Ni-Kunni, who apparently had a bad history with Myrr Corta. The crew manages to fend them off, repair their ship, navigate successful to leave, and also a well placed shot by Hastar knocks out the Gnosis Battle-cruisers ability to warp after them. The crew escapes, heading for the Gate out of the N8Xa-L System to the R3-K7K system. During this time they decompress, nap, explore their quarters, and do other personal tasks.

Best Rolls/Actions:

Keiren Krusual : Hit me if you can: ECMing the enemy Rupture, rolled 4S.3adv.2Triumphs – crippling their ships guns for an entire round no blues, no bonuses, no aiming causing them to miss 100% of the time and take system and personal strain.

Hastar Nefantar : Its what I do: Ridiculously good shot with a Linked Rail gun: 10S.4adv.1Triumph. Hitting the enemy ship for 16(-4 armor) damage and crippling the Thrashers warp capabilities causing them to surrender.

Faust Duvailer : Making friends: Not a single role, but 3x excessive sucess and triumphs on his charm checks causing Sar’ah (now Zhu-Li ), Ilet , and [[Je’int]] to join the crew.

Damian Straus : That would look wonderful on our ship: 4S.2adv.2Triumphs on super quickly salvaging parts from the station and ship wrecks in the stations hanger bay and bringing back the perfect parts to fix the micro-warp drives and reinforced shield generator.

Myrr Corta : I double fucking dare you : her 5S.2adv.1Triump intimidation check walking up to the enemy with the gun out and daring her to shoot you.

-learn that Sansha Nation Soliders were on board helping as ‘crew’
-capture some prisoners including Ri’ara, charmed some new crew Zhu-Li Ilet Je’int, gained some loot (wearpons/armor/drones), recover the Sansha Nation Soldier Bodies.
-Learn about and recover a Biochemical life-form that functions as a highly specific and advanced WMD
-Repaired the Targeting array, Microwarp drive, and reinforced shield generator on the ship

Ship Status:
*Ship is at 26/85 Wound Threshold and 36/56 System Strain
*Armor is still badly damaged and reduced by 1 (5 instead of 6)
*Ship shields are fully restored (3/3/3/3).
*Speed is fully restored to 4
*Micro-warp-drive adds: 2/4+2 speed for 16 temporary SS .(increases size by 1)
*life-support/food/water systems and badly damaged.
2/4 forward medium blasters functional
1/2 Port and 1/2 Starboard Rear medium rail-guns functional
1/2 Port and 1/2 Starboard Mid-ship medium rail-guns functional
1/2 Ventral and 1/2 Dorsal Point Defense Quad Light Blasters Functional

2/2 ECM functional, 0/2 scrams functional, 1/2 Webs Functional


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