Faust Duvailer

Players Evan


Known Character Information:
Characteristics: 2/3/3/2/3/3 Health: 12+ Strain: 16
Skills: Cool 4, Deception 1, Charm 4, Coercion 2, Leadership 2, negotiation 1, Gunnery 1, Ranged Light 1
Talents: Dodge 1, Grit 3, deadly accuracy 1(light), inspiring thetoric + improved + supreme, kill with kindness 2, plausible deniability 2, scathing tirade + improved +supreme, True aim 2
Equipment: military pouch, 3 stimpacks, handheld comlink, backpack, high quality harmonica

1) dueling Pistol: Attachments: Blaster Actuating Module (3 Damage +1 Mods, 1 Add ■ to all attack checks when using this weapon Mod, 2 Quality (Pierce 1) Mods), “Bantha’s Eye” Laser Sight (1 Add One ω to Successful Check Mod)

2) Model 38 sharpshooters rifles: Attachments: H9 Pistol Grip (1 Weapon’s skill changes to Ranged-Light Mod, 1 Reduces weapon’s range to Medium, if longer Mod, Add ■ to any combat check made when firing one-handed.), Forearm Grip (1 Innate Talent (Point Blank) Mod, 1 Quality (Accurate 1) Mod, Decreases the additional difficulty of making Ranged (Heavy) checks with this weapon while engaged to an additional ◆ (rather than ◆◆). ), “Bantha’s Eye” Laser Sight (1 Add One ω to Successful Check Mod), Weapon Sling (1 Quality (Cumbersome -1) Mods, Innate Talent (Quick Draw) Mod)

3) armored clothing: Attachments: Threat Monitor (3 Add One ω to Initiative Check Mods, 1 Innate Talent (Quick Strike) Mod)

Faust Duvailer

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