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There is an incredible ammount of material on ships and ship combat, parts, and weapons for EOTE/AOR/etc. For the most part I like and wish to keep most of it. I had issues with differences in speed making almost no different in combat and the actual piloting skill/checks made by each piloting similarly having little effect. I also didn’t like how few actions there were to do that were not gunnary checks and how little those that did exist affected the combat. In EVE smaller faster ships in moderate numbers can defeat significantly larger ships but also being 1 size bigger generally meant you could clobber a slightly 1 size smaller ship or two in combat. Frigates can run circles around battle-cruisers and battleships, destroyers beat frigates, cruisers beat destroyers, battle cruisers beat cruisers, and battleships beat battle-cruisers, with capital ships {carriers and dreadnaughts} defeating battleships, and Super Caps {Titans and Super Carriers} defeating capital ships. Star was is supposed to work this way but mechanically does not. The massive shielding and armor of larger ships meant it was hard to hit and even when you do it was for 0 to 2 damage at most, and crits were much harder to achieve. In addition while it was harder for lets say a star destroyer to hit an xwing {gunnary check 2 blue vs PPPPBl} when you can shoot with 20 linked sets of guns every turn and only need 1 hit to destroy it it seems honestly really foolish to ever get in a frigate. And Xwings along with most fighters were USELESS at damaging anything size 6+. EVE Online focused much more on larger ships and on drones as ‘fighters’ wheras star wars puts alot of focus on the fighters (x-wings,ties’etc). It also has a focus on each individual ship, ship type, racial ship type, and roll of ships to have specific bonuses with different weapons/systems/base stats. I have taken nearly all of those bonuses and found ways of adding them simply into the EOTE system as pre-existing mods/talents/upgrades.
Also Eve has T1 (standard ships), T2 (highly specialized better versions of standard ships that cost ALOT more), and ‘faction’ ships (pirate/empire versions) that are also better than the standard ones and similarly cost significantly more. I have done my best to balance the ships/prices but it still need some work. Generally a t2 ship fights like a t1 ship of 1 size bigger and therefore can take 1 to 2 T1’s of the same size, 1 T1 that of 1 size bigger, or 3 ships 1 size smaller. The star wars ships were very VERY badly balanced with respect to 1) size of ships comparatively and 2) by price. The rebellion could have been using 1to2m credit ships that can each win against 1to2X 10m star destroyers easily.

  • I have created and somewhat tested rules for direct conversion from EVE online stats to comparable EOTE ship stats.
  • I have balanced them by size, weapon + drone types, extra bonuses, and pricing.
  • I have created and tested some rules for differences in speed and size, piloting to increase/decrease range and choose engagement to other ships, a few extra actions (electronic warfare weapons/add on’s + checks to use them). This adds webbing, Scramming, ECM, Sensor Dampening, and Target Painting. (I am still working on Energy Draining and Remote armor/hull/shield repairs)

Pages With These rules in excel to come when I transfer them from binder paper notes to gdocs. Along with examples of ship conversion, base ship stats by size, and all the weapons.

Ship Rules

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