Myrr Corta: Ammar Gambler/Gunslinger (1-30 obligation // 1-10 duty)
*Past Worked/Slept with Faust before(++). Score to settle with Hastar for cheating her and getting her attacked (—), Keiren enemy (XX), Damian (-) criminal/terrorist
(5) Bounty: (multiple bounties) Pissed off Many people
(5) Betrayal: Betrayed the Khanid Cyber Knights to the Ministry of Internal Order. (betrayed jedi to empire)
(10) Bad Reputation: Generally disliked by Minmintar/Angels/Serpentis for her work under the Ministry of Intenal Order
(5) A score to Settle: old enemy wants revenge for his fingers
(5) Antagonist: generally pisses people off – list of enemies miles long
[10 Duty] worked for Ministry of Internal Order against Angel Cartel/Serpentis/Minmatar

Hastar Nefantar: Minmatar(Nefantar ‘Ammatar’) Diplomat/Gunner: (31-60 Obli / 11-20 Duty)
*Past cheated/got Myrr Attacked(—). Has worked with Faust before (angel/serpentis)(++). Dislike Keiren (-), thinks Damian is a monster (—)
(5) Bounty: Bounty on his head for his familys work for the Ammatar against the Minmatar people and by his family for his work for the Angel cartel
(5) Criminal: Member of the Angel Cartel
(5) Disgraced: Ammatar Nobility: abandoned vital diplomatic mission.stole ship, and left service to join Angel Cartel, marred their reputation.
(5) Frontier Justice: Blood Raiders killed friends + their family, leaving Hastar wounded. You have sworn vengeance.
(5) A Score to Settle: cheated Myrr Corta in a high stakes game of Sabacc, blamed it on her and made off with her money.
(5) Favor: You owe a favor to a high ranking member of the Angel Cartel
[10 Duty] Angel Cartel: member of pirate faction

Damian Straus: Saboteur/Demolitions: (61-90 Obligation // 21-30 Duty)

  • Past mutual dislike Faust (—), Neutral to Hastar (who dislikes him), Worked with Keiren before (++), Neutral to Myrr
    (5) Criminal/remorse: wanted for terrorist bombing of NOH station. Feels bad about it
    (10) Debt/Duty Bound: Guristas helped him before/after his bombing
    (5) Disgraced: flogged out of ‘Internal’ Security for leaking internal secrets
    (5) Under contract: blow up an Ammar/Ammatar station for the Krusual clan
    (5) LARGE bounty: anyone can collect upon Dead or Alive.
    [10 Duty] Gurista Pirates: Member of Faction

Faust ‘Duvailer’: Politico/ sharpshooter (91-120 Obligation // 31-40 Duty)
*Past slept with/worked with Myr(+), Worked with Hastar (+)(angels/serpentis), mutual dislike Damnian (—), worked with Keiren (-) (contract to capture him (X))
(20) Bounty/Collateral Accountability/Witness Protection/Antagonist: sent to the far corners of outlaw space by the Serpentis to protect against the Gallente families who want him dead. Mentes Blaque(Black Eagles): dueled and killed son (accidental/staged by family). Jacus Roden (Gallente President): Slept with daughter, ruined engagement to Blaque’s son, she ‘killed’ herself afterwards.
(5)Disgraced/Exiled: cast out and thrown under the bus by Duvailer family after political ‘mishap’ that he was blamed for
(5) Philanderer: scorned lovers abound, as do their fathers/brothers/ex’s/ husbands
[10 Duty] Serpentis Member – made extensive use of his Gallente contacts to help the organization.

Hoban Crichton: Ace: Pilot / Technician Scientist (121-140 obligation) No Duty
(10) Lost in Space: Fell through a wormhole and ended up in the eve universe
(5) Upset Galente BS Captain Bylar Krace by crashing into his brothers ship
(5) Upset Ammar Noble Scorpio scientist by blowing up his lab

Group Obligations: 141-190

(10) Stolen ship: stole the Deimos from Duvolle Labs as part of a recent mission (gave plans to angel/serpentis – got to keep ship + payment)
(10) Under Contract: contract for the Sansha Nation (Astur in Misaba) to capture 20+ researchers/valuable ‘slaves’. Possible Location in 11I53 of a small colony with an academy.
(10) Under Contract: steal anti-capsuleer bio-weapon from a Outpost Laboratory in N8xA-L for Angels ( AY-241)
(10) Destroyed SoCT research base and stole their bioweapon – want payback + recovery
(10) A Score to Settle: Keiren Krusual for his betrayal of the party

Keiren ‘Krusual’: Minmatar Assassin/Slicer: (1-30 obligation // 1-10 duty)

  • Past Worked with Damian before (++), Worked with Faust before (-)(contract to capture him (X)) , Myrr enemy (XX), Hastar(X)
    (5) Under Contract: contracted to capture Faust for Gallente
    (5) Bounty: From the ministry of Internal Order
    (15) Family/Duty/Fervor: Family hates Ammatar(Hastar) and Ministry of internal order(Myrr) (all Ammar)
    (5) Criminal: Waned Assassin in Ammar/Caldari Space
    [10 Duty] for Krusual Family


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